Why Does My Car Squeak When I Turn and What Can I Do About It?

a car turning

If you hear a squeaking sound, screeches, and/or your steering wheel vibrates while you are turning, you probably have a problem with your car’s suspension, steering component or even front tires. The pitch and characteristics of the squeaking noise and whether the sound is accompanied by steering wheel vibration can help a professional or a … Read more

How To Clean Car Windows In 4 Simple Steps

man cleaning windscreen

If there’s one thing that seems so easy to do, but is actually easy to get wrong, it’s cleaning your car windows. We’ve all been there, you spend your valuable time trying to get your ride to gleam and shine, only to end up no better off than when you started. You lose the dirt … Read more

6 Car Smells And Odors You Shouldn’t Ignore

woman noticing bad smell in car

Did you know that you can tell a great deal by how your car smells? In fact, your sense of smell can alert you to a variety of mechanical issues with your car and help you to identify issues before they become worse. Learn how to identify and troubleshoot six of the most common smells … Read more

Why Does My Car Smell Like Gas? 8 Possible Reasons

fuel leak from car

Have you ever gone to fill up your engine at the gas station only for a dribble of gas to fall on your shoe? Spilled gas on your shoe or car tends to leave a strong smell, but eventually, it will dissipate as you get about your day. When you smell a persistent and lingering … Read more

Why Does My Car Smell Like Burning Rubber? 8 Possible Reasons

Burning rubber car tire

One of the least enjoyable aspects of car ownership comes when you are trying to figure out why your car smells so odd. Cars can make a variety of headache-inducing smells. One of the odors you should be most concerned about is the smell of burning rubber. Unless you’re doing burnouts on the track, this … Read more

Why Does My Car Smell Like Rotten Eggs? 5 Possible Causes

Mechanic checking a car's exhaust system

Did you know that you can tell a lot by how your car smells? For example, a sweet smell lingering in your car could be a sign there is a coolant leak. A vinegar odor could be a sign of mold and mildew growth in your air conditioning system. A burning smell could indicate worn-out … Read more

Why Does My Car Smell Like Vinegar And What Can I Do About It?

Man noticing a bad smell coming from car AC vents

Have you ever gotten in your car only to be overwhelmed with a strong vinegar smell the minute you turn it on? At best, it could be an unpleasant smell you have to endure while on your commute. At worst, it’s an indicator of something greater that could be affecting the performance of your AC … Read more