Audi S5 vs RS5: What Difference Does The ‘R’ Make?

audi s5 vs rs5 comparison

The Audi S5 is the performance version of the Audi A5, a popular regular Audi available as a coupe and sportback. Compared to the A5, it has a bigger engine, Quattro all-wheel drive as standard and some subtle styling differences. Of course, those luxuries all cost you extra. So where exactly does that leave the … Read more

BMW 3 Series Vs 4 Series

BMW 3 series sedan vs 4 series coupe

Here’s a bit of automotive history: The iconic BMW 3 Series was originally available in several flavors. A 2-door sedan, 4-door sedan, coupé and later on even a convertible (cabriolet) model were all on the table. In 2013, however, BMW deemed the best-selling BMW 3 series to be getting too confusing for buyers. And to … Read more

Audi A5 vs S5: Is The V6 Worth It?

Audi A5 vs S5

The Audi A5 is considered pretty sporty within Audi’s regular ‘A’ range of cars. Unlike the other hatchbacks and saloons, the A5 is a coupe at heart. It’s also offered as a cabriolet and a sportback that bridges the gap between coupe and saloon. So what about the Audi S5? For those unaware, the ‘S’ … Read more

Why The Ferrari F12Berlinetta Is One Of The Best Ferraris Ever

Ferrari F12Berlinetta

Italian automobile manufacturer Ferrari has become synonymous with supercars and motorsports, and almost every sports car they’ve produced has a unique character and long history behind it. Today we’ll be looking back at the F12berlinetta, a Grand Tourer which replaced the 599GTB in 2012 and has more recently been superseded by the 812 Superfast. History … Read more