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mercedes gle and gls side-by-side

Mercedes GLE vs GLS

The Mercedes-Benz GLE and Mercedes-Benz GLS sit at the very top of the German car manufacturer’s SUV lineup. Only the highly capable G-class SUV (often just called the G-Wagon) costs more. While a quick glance tells us the GLS is the more expensive of the two, what actually separates these two SUVs? Is it the…

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mercedes-benz glc vs gle suv comparison

Mercedes GLC vs GLE

The models that make up Mercedes’ GL luxury SUV range are designed to offer something for everyone. The Mercedes GLC is the German car manufacturer’s best-selling SUV in the country, but the slightly bigger and more expensive GLE isn’t far behind in second place. The GLC and GLE sit bang in the middle of the…

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ford edge vs explorer cover photo

Ford Edge vs Explorer

Ford was the leading car brand by vehicle sales volume in 2020, and much of that success can be attributed to their vast range of SUVs.  Within their range of SUVs, the Edge and Explorer are two particularly popular models whose base models are basically the same price. The larger, 7-seater Ford Explorer had a…

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Mercedes-Benz GLA vs GLC comparison

Mercedes GLA vs GLC

Since its founding in 1926, Mercedes-Benz has been synonymous with style, quality and performance. The German manufacturer has long been a leader in the automotive industry and its range of GL SUVs are no exception. 2021 has brought with it a range of new models, catering to a variety of needs and desires for those…

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Mercedes GLB vs GLC comparison

Mercedes GLB vs GLC

The Mercedes GLC has been the German automaker’s best-selling model in the US for quite some time now, but the relatively new Mercedes GLB SUV is also proving to be a hit among new buyers. Slotted in between the Mercedes GLA and GLC, the GLB is essentially a boxier version of the subcompact GLA with…

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Mercedes GLA vs GLB comparison

Mercedes GLA vs GLB

The SUV equivalent of the A-Class, the GLA has been the entry-level subcompact SUV in Mercedes’ lineup. However, with more and more consumers buying SUVs, Mercedes added the GLB model to their lineup in 2019. Belonging in the same subcompact SUV crossover class as the GLA, the GLB is positioned alarmingly close to it, but…

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Ford Edge vs Escape comparison

Ford Edge vs Escape

When it comes to buying an SUV, particularly on a mid-range budget, it’s hard to look past Ford. A household name, Ford’s range of SUVs have always been reliable – from the classic Bronco to the more modern Edge and Escape. Deciding between the models can feel like splitting hairs, especially when you factor in…

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Porsche Macan vs Cayenne comparison

Porsche Macan vs Cayenne

Whether you pronounce it “Porsh” or the technically correct “Por-schuh”, there is no questioning that Porsche is one of the most iconic sports car manufacturers. Known for exceptional design and performance, a Porsche will always turn heads for good reason and their range of SUVs are no exception. Porsche surprised the world with the launch…

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A white tesla being charged at home

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Tesla?

Fully charging a Tesla from zero can take anywhere from an hour to a more than four days. It all depends on the charging station you use. Realistically, Tesla drivers will rarely perform a complete charge cycle in one charging session, and instead just “top-up” their battery. Nevertheless, it helps to have an idea of…

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tesla model x rear view

How Long Does A Tesla Battery Last?

When it comes to electric vehicles, Tesla is considered the industry leader. And owing to their cutting edge battery technology, their EVs boast some of the most impressive ranges you can find on the market. But just like your phone’s internal battery, or any battery for that matter, electric car batteries are subject to degradation….

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