Volkswagen Taos vs Tiguan: Which Is The Better Buy?

vw taos vs vw tiguan cover

In the automotive marketplace right now, there is no segment more competitive than the crossover segment. Competition rages not just between OEMs, but between various offerings within each company’s range. Today we’re looking at 2 popular crossover models from the German automotive titan, Volkswagen, namely: The Taos and the Tiguan. Pricing Since the Volkswagen Taos … Read more

Toyota Sienna VS Highlander: Minivan or SUV?

Toyota Sienna vs Highlander comparison

What makes the best family car: a minivan or an SUV? It’s a classic question that has many answers depending on the family, and of course the vehicles in question. Below we’re taking a look at two different Toyota vehicles, both of which are marketed as ideal family cars. The first is the Toyota Sienna … Read more

Toyota Sequoia VS 4Runner: Which Toyota 4X4 Is Better?

Toyota Sequoia vs 4runner comparison

The SUV market is beyond saturated, and that’s the biggest factor that makes it hard to choose an SUV in today’s market. Even when you can be dead set on a particular OEM like Toyota, you still have an overwhelming choice within that one brand, from compact crossovers to mid-size models and full-blown family and … Read more

Hyundai SUV Models

hyundai crossover models cover

Hyundai cars have shot up in popularity over the last few years. Along with other Korean marques, Hyundai has shaken off its cheap image and has cemented itself as an exciting yet reliable brand that is a compelling alternative to established Japanese, American and European brands. Sport-utility and crossover vehicles have also exploded in popularity … Read more

Audi SUV Models: The present and future

Audi SUV models cover image

Sports utility vehicles have overtaken sedans to become America’s favorite type of vehicle, and it’s easy to see why. With an elevated driving position, more interior space and increased off-road capability, an SUV strikes the perfect balance between comfort, practicality and performance. When it comes to luxury German cars, Audis are known for their understated … Read more

Mercedes GLA vs GLC: What’s The Difference?

Mercedes-Benz GLA vs GLC comparison

Since its founding in 1926, Mercedes-Benz has been synonymous with style, quality and performance. The German manufacturer has long been a leader in the automotive industry and its range of GL SUVs are no exception. 2021 has brought with it a range of new models, catering to a variety of needs and desires for those … Read more

Mercedes GLB vs GLC: A Tough Decision

Mercedes GLB vs GLC comparison

The Mercedes GLC has been the German automaker’s best-selling model in the US for quite some time now, but the relatively new Mercedes GLB SUV is also proving to be a hit among new buyers. Slotted in between the Mercedes GLA and GLC, the GLB is essentially a boxier version of the subcompact GLA with … Read more

Mercedes GLA vs GLB: There’s A Pretty Big Difference

Mercedes GLA vs GLB comparison

The SUV equivalent of the A-Class, the GLA has been the entry-level subcompact SUV in Mercedes’ lineup. However, with more and more consumers buying SUVs, Mercedes added the GLB model to their lineup in 2019. Belonging in the same subcompact SUV crossover class as the GLA, the GLB is positioned alarmingly close to it, but … Read more

Ford Edge vs Escape: Can You Tell The Difference?

Ford Edge vs Escape comparison

When it comes to buying an SUV, particularly on a mid-range budget, it’s hard to look past Ford. A household name, Ford’s range of SUVs have always been reliable – from the classic Bronco to the more modern Edge and Escape. Deciding between the models can feel like splitting hairs, especially when you factor in … Read more

Porsche Macan vs Cayenne: How Much More Luxury Does The Cayenne Offer?

Porsche Macan vs Cayenne comparison

Whether you pronounce it “Porsh” or the technically correct “Por-schuh”, there is no questioning that Porsche is one of the most iconic sports car manufacturers. Known for exceptional design and performance, a Porsche will always turn heads for good reason and their range of SUVs are no exception. Porsche surprised the world with the launch … Read more